Spanish Inheritance process & Tax in Spain


Spanish Inheritance process in Spain could be a stressful time when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one.
Lextax is a team of experts of Spanish Lawyers and Tax advisers and we can help with the inheritance tax and give you support, and guide you through the process to inherit Spanish assets.
There is a six month period from the demise to pay the inheritance tax. Our team can help with the taxes of the process at such a delicate time and avoid future fines.
Lextax are familiar with Spain & UK documentation that may need to be presented to the tax office and the Land Registry in Spain..We are used to legalize foreign documents. Getting a Hague Apostille on an official document can be a easy process if you use the right professional.

Lextax services include:-
• Spanish Inheritance Tax illustration of potential liabilities making an application to the Madrid Registry for copies of the last will certificate.We can help you with payment of Spanish Taxes for assets located on main-land Spain, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands producing Powers of Attorney.
• Allocating the right value to the assets and check the latent tax liabilities.Giving the advice on wills.Assisting with the application and registration of NIE numbers.
• Preparing the Inheritance Deed & Tax Declarations for the Beneficiaries.
• Full Spanish Legal & Tax Advice covering both Non Residents & Residents of Spain.
• Providing established solutions to help avoid Spanish Taxes.
• Supply International support between our UK and Spanish Offices.
• Lextax Buy, Own, Sell & Inherit property for you in the most Tax efficient way.

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Phone: +34 965 792 015

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Our Phone +34 96 579 20 15


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