Jávea, March 18th, 2020

Dear Client,

We write to you to inform about the important measures approved by the Government today and that affect businessmen, self-employess and individuals in Spain:

 – Flexibility of the ERTE (File of Temporary Suspension of Employment): All employees who are affected by ERTE will benefit from unemployment payment, even those who are not entitled to it due to not having enough contribution time.

  – All workers will have the right to reorganize or reduce their working hours, even up to 100%, to care for relatives, elders or children before the closure of schools and social services.

  – Companies will not pay Social Security fees to workers affected by the suspension of contracts or reduction of working hours authorized on the basis of temporary force majeure linked to COVID-19, to avoid the dismissal of workers. Said exemption will not have effects for the worker, maintaining the consideration of said period as effectively quoted for all purposes.

– Unemployment benefits collected during the state of alarm will not count for future unemployment periods. That is, they will not be taken into account when it comes to the rights that correspond to them, and if they are dismissed in the future, they will start to collect them from scratch.

– For the self-employed, access to the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity is smoothed when they have had to close their establishments or suspend their services or if their turnover is reduced by 75% compared to the previous semester. The amount of the benefit will be determined by applying 70% of the regulatory base.

– In all tax procedures, deadlines are extended until April 30.

– SMEs may request deferments in the payment of taxes of up to 6 months, of which the first 3 will not accrue interest.

– However, the deadlines for filing taxes (720, VAT, personal income tax, and payment of quarterly withholdings …) are maintained for the moment.

Additionally, measures have been approved that apply to the general population:

– Protection of basic supplies (electricity, water and gas). Telecommunications services will also be guaranteed. «During the next month the suppliers of energy, natural gas and water will not be able to suspend supplies to those consumers in which the condition of vulnerable consumer or consumer at risk of social exclusion concur.»

– Moratorium on the payment of mortgages for the first home for people who have reduced their income or are unemployed due to the coronavirus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Although our office is closed to the public, we will continue to assist you as well, and you can contact us through the following means to make an appointment remotely:

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