COVID 19 situation in Spain – Attention to our clients will be non physical

Jávea, March 15, 2020

Dear customers:

Due to the exceptional situation created as a result of COVID-19, the Government of Spain yesterday declared the Health Emergency State of Alarm, for a minimum period of fifteen days, which can be extended.

The reason for this letter is to indicate the main consequences that this situation has for all persons who are in Spain at the moment, and how it affects them as taxpayers, as well as to indicate the measures adopted by Lextax Consulting as a result of the situation.

First of all, it will only be possible to circulate on the street (both on foot and by vehicle) for highly valued reasons: buying food and drugs, attending medical centers and financial institutions, attending work or caring for the sick, returning to your home or other similar or force majeure reasons. The displacements will have to be done individually, except for people with mobility problems that can be accompanied. Therefore, there is an obligation to remain at your home, except for these circumstances.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and banks will remain open, but many other commercial establishments, as well as bars, restaurants and leisure related businesses are forced to close.

Many public offices will be closed to the public as from tomorrow. The Government has decreed a suspension of all terms of public administrative procedures (such as taxes), as well as Court ones.

We expect that in the next few days, an extension will be granted in the filing and payment of tax returns and taxes (such as Form 720, and the quarterly taxes of businessmen).

Our offices will remain closed to the public, although we will continue working, since for a week we have been implementing measures that allow our employees to work remotely from their homes.

The way to contact us, while this situation lasts are:




Twitter: @ltaxconsulting

From any of these means, we will attend to you and solve all the doubts you have.

As we receive new information, we will inform you permanently.


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Nuestro teléfono: +34 96 579 20 15


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